The Company

Company Profile

NHIL, LLC,  Nutritional Health Institute Laboratory LLC was founded in 2006, it is a division of World Health Solutions LLC (WHS) since 2015 and plans to grow, process, market and sell the patented, exclusively licensed herbal product known as the “McB-E60.” McB-E60™ was developed by Nutritional Health Institute Laboratories, LLC, to provide glucose metabolic support.*. McB-E60 is currently Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).


In creating NHIL mission, our founders were inspired by their desire to better mankind and to do no harm to the planet. They wanted the benefit of being a company to drive our day-to-day work and to remind us that our efforts are changing the face of living matter in this world in an effort to improve the lives of millions of people. Our activities are guided by our commitment:

  • To contribute to human welfare by application of technology in the design, manufacture and sale of nutraceuticals that promote health.
  • To ensure our products are made without the use of any chemicals, hormones, pesticides or heavy metals.
  • To strive for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products; to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.

Growth Strategy

We intend to:

  • As the NHIL has now completed milestones that support the safety and effectiveness of McB-E60, it will begin to develop and focus efforts on manufacturing, marketing and sales of McB-E60 always in compliance with the NHIL Board policy that it will not allow more than 10-12% indirect costs.
  • Expand our Portfolio of Products. The Company plans to expand its existing portfolio of products in the future. The Company will take into account market attractiveness, technical feasibility, the potential to develop a proprietary position, and the productiveness of animal models in choosing among new product development opportunities. (Currently, the focus is on McB-E60.)
  • Broaden our portfolio of licenses. The Company plans to broaden its portfolio of licenses of and other technologies to develop new products and attract corporate and academic collaborators. We intend to accomplish this through internal and sponsored research, in-licensing and technology acquisition.